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Specialized services.   ETN is often called upon to provide services for more unusual assignments, including overdimensional or overweight loads, containerized freight, refrigerated units and much more.  For the HBO series, "From the Earth to the Moon" we moved much of the original equipment and vehicles used in the Apollo space program. ETN carriers successfully transported an Apollo capsule, gantries, training modules, a lunar lander - even an Airstream trailer used by the astronauts for the filming of this series.

On "U.S. Marshals" and "Forces of Nature", ETN moved an entire Boeing 727 aircraft across the country. We coordinated permits, routing instructions, escort vehicles, pole cars (to measure bridges) and more. For the filming of "Twister" and "Jingle All the Way", we provided climate-controlled equipment to keep ice cold to be used for hail or snow.

  We also work with the nationally-recognized non-profit Big Apple Circus, headquartered in New York City.  Moving everything from equipment trailers and generators to sleeping units, a mobile schoolroom and even the bigtop itself, we plan, coordinate and move over thirty pieces of equipment on each move.

Several ETN clients transfer shipments overseas via port cities. We are experienced in working with these shipments and coordinating services with client-designated customs brokers. We can also refer clients to experienced customs brokers for cross-border movements into and out of Canada and Mexico.
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